Symbols of Hope

Every year at this time, I put boots on and venture to the yard to cut forsythia branches.  I do it faithfully just as my father did through my childhood.  For me it’s an invitation to spring and everything new that is to come our way.  The known and the unknown.  Some years I brave piles of snow and other’s I wade through the mud and puddles.  The sticks stand tall in a vase at my front foyer looking dried and old.  Within days buds swell and within a week little yellow blooms break through.  While it is still cold and sometimes gloomy outside, I see a glimmer of what’s to come from my beautiful forced flowers.

Everywhere I turn lately, people are talking about how stressed or saddened they are for various reasons.  They are either experiencing hard-ships or know someone who is.  Our journey’s are not always easy or pleasant. Remember that everything we go through in our earth walk we need.  Take what is given with patience, trust, love, and optimism and when the time is right (usually unexpectedly) you will see something beautiful emerge.

Please take the time to give a gift that symbolizes hope to yourself or somebody you know.

All my love


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