Open communication protects elders from fraud

I would like to raise an important issue with all of you. At Estate Concierge, we are learning that many seniors are losing a substantial amount of money unnecessarily.

Many service companies are now rolling charges forward unless the clients cancels by written notification. This means that a homeowner may be automatically charged on their credit cards for services they do not need or want. Recently, while helping one of our Estate Concierge customers go through her papers, we discovered that she was paying three different cell phone companies. She thought she had changed companies
and did not realize that she was still paying the former providers.

Things have changed, with increasingly more competitive markets, some companies are adopting practices that are less than ethical, in my opinion.

Talk to your loved ones and elderly friends. Elders are reluctant to discuss money matters because of etiquette. Times have changed and a routine, checkup on service charges is a good practice to do annually for all.

Tax time is a logical time to do this. If anyone needs a great accountant, contact Louise at Rayner Accounting: 905-335-8412.

Warm Regards

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