Our Mothers

Last week I observed a woman in the twilight of her life with her elderly mother standing in line at the Burlington market. They were smiling and clearly enjoying each other’s company. It filled my heart with gratitude and sadness for the mother that I knew, loved and lost. It was a beautiful sight. I wondered if they could feel how fortunate they were.

Hold the ones you love close to you. Take the time to give them your full attention. Your experiences will be held within your heart and spirit for your lifetime. Have patience and give freely. Our mothers were children, teens, and young providers or homekeepers. They too held hopes and dreams, success and disappointment, pleasure and pain. See her with clear, accepting, and grateful eyes for the person she is.

If you have lost your mother and are struggling, remember that she lives within you. You are a part of her and through you, she lives on. Honour the love and teachings she passed on to you, by developing new relationships with others. Teach and bestow onto others the kindness, divine wisdom, and selfless love she taught you. Remember.

To my daughter’s close friend Laura who has just lost her dear grandmother, and Marlene who works with us at Maid of All Work and lost her mother this past week:
Although it is undeniably difficult, it does get easier. I have found, that in time, the pain and loss is replaced by a renewed sense of closeness. My wish for you is that memory and spirit fills your hearts with love and takes over the space that the sadness sits at this time.

All my love,

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