Your Story

How often have you thought or heard someone say, “I need to write down my story”? What stops us from sharing our experiences and wisdom with others? I think it is a combination of not having a deadline or any pressing reason to do it now and not knowing where to start. I’ve recently begun helping a dear client get started by putting some of her stories down on paper. Like most things in life, we are not intended to fly solo. We rely on the help and love from others.

I have observed that people find it easier to tell their stories in the form of recounting events and feelings. Think less of writing it like an essay, and just simply get individual events down on paper. If you have wanted to write about your life, try recording yourself as you share with a safe listener. Encourage your facilitator to ask probing questions.  Please avoid the word WHY. The word why often elicits a reaction of defense and or guilt.  Use how and what.

Whether you write for publication or just for your own private reasons, it is a wonderful way to honour, cherish, and heal from your experiences. What a wonderful legacy to pass on to loved ones or for yourself as we age and perhaps our memories are less sharp.

Happy storytelling…

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