About Caroline

A Personal and Professional Life Coach and Organizer for more than 15 years, I’ve been privileged to work with many clients from all walks of life. It’s always so gratifying to witness clients break through stalled plateaus and reach amazing results.

As a personal life coach, I genuinely care about your personal growth and will bring enlightened thinking and new, tangible methodologies to quickly help you achieve your goals.

As a life coach in the corporate arena, I can help individuals and entire teams become more efficient and clear-thinking to produce impressive results.

Many clients have benefitted from a Personalized Guided Meditation.Together, we will create a guided meditation that you can use to facilitate relaxation and pursue personal goals. Meditation will aid you in your journey and create a harmonious, natural balance.

Just like you, I work continuously at creating the life I desire for myself. I continue to participate in workshops and further my education with leaders in my field. I am an authorized Hearts Desire Practitioner as taught by internationally acclaimed Life Coach, Sonia Choquette.  I am a graduate of  Ellen Goldhar coaching. I am a certified Reiki Master.  I am also a certified Meridian and Crystal healer as taught by renowned Native American healer, David Singing Bear, AZ.

Live your life to the fullest and reach your highest potential!

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